Episode 55: Full Steam Ahead on Enrolment

According to the ministerial special representative, Fred Caron, the three cases before the courts are not affecting timelines for finalization of Founders List.

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  1. The enrollment process is seriously flawed and hopefully the court cases will change the way the system is set up and allow the Mi'kmaq people to have a true enrollment that includes all of the people the are true members to be recognized. My Father is 84 years old and is a true Mi'kmaq Indian. He has had a status card for many years. Now he has been rejected because of where he lives.
    He lives of the land, Hunts and fishes, and still cuts wood to heat his home.
    i hope the court cases will the battle for the truth.
    I am also a Mi'kmaq from both my mother and father. I was never told I was an Indian because it would have affected my life when was younger in a bad way. Th Indian were not treated with respect and were belittled. My parents tried to protect me.
    I appreciate their actions but wish I had known because I would have played a bigger role in my heritage than I have up to now.
    The enrollment process doesn't make common sense, it is flawed to suit the white members of the government and to control the amount of money allowed for benefits for the Indian people.
    Regardless |I am Mi'kmaq and I will continue to prove my right to be a member.

    Roy P Young