Episode 93: Can a Band Alliance Fill Qalipu Void? Plus: Brake Case Back in Court

Jerry Brake's lawyer, David Rosenfeld, tells us about the latest move to launch a class action lawsuit against the enrolment process.

And later, we hear from Greg Janes, chief of the Burgeo Band of Indians, on a new alliance between Mi'kmaq bands that's trying to reach deeper into communities than Qalipu.


Episode 92: Bringing Mi'kmaq Bands Back to Life

This week, a preview of a newly formed alliance of Newfoundland bands which have been mostly dormant since Qalipu's creation.

And later, a debrief with Mi'kmaq First Nations Assembly of Newfoundland Chief Dave Wells on the Abbott case and the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.


Episode 91: The Points System and Yellow Vests Canada

The fate of 10,000 people who lost their status rests on the Abbott case decision. Jaimie Lickers, lawyer for the Mi'kmaq First Nations Assembly of Newfoundland, tells us what to expect in federal court this week.

Later in the show, we take a look at Yellow Vests Canada, a group that includes Indigenous people while promoting anti-Indigenous racism.


Episode 90: Wilson-Raybould Affair Puts AFN National Chief in a Tough Spot

This week, Russ Diabo, policy analyst and publisher of the First Nations Strategic Bulletin, joins us to discuss the Jody Wilson-Raybould affair. He says that the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), Perry Bellgarde, seems to have a different opinion than most Indigenous communities regarding the Wilson-Raybould resignation.

And later, Dave Wells discusses how the Mi'kmaq First Nations Assembly of Newfoundland (MFNAN) could become a non-status band.


Episode 89: Are Beothuk Really Extinct?

It's too soon to say whether Beothuk are really extinct, says Chief Misel Joe, and DNA research is still needed to show if there's a Mi'kmaq connection.

Later in the show, Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band’s cultural resource co-ordinator, Nicole Travers, tells us about an ongoing project to expand an interactive map that centres traditional Mi'kmaq language with collected stories.