Episode 83: A Tale of Two Moose Culls

In Gros Morne, there is no official Mi'kmaq involvement in terms of moose harvest. Across the water in Unima'ki (Cape Breton), though, Mi'kmaq people carry out the harvest in Cape Breton Highlands National Park in our traditional way and distribute the meat across the province. Clifford Paul of the Unima'ki Institute of Natural Resources tells us about it.


Episode 82: Building a Government for the Mi'kmaq Nation

How to define a Mi'kmaq nation and how does Qalipu fit in? This week: reflections on the self-government summit from Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief Roger Augustine and Qalipu councillor Brian Dicks.


Episode 81: Turning Enrolment Talks into Action

The federal government of Canada and the Federation of Newfoundland Indians are set to meet on December 11 and 12, signalling the beginning of the next stages of the enrolment process. Qalipu councillor Frank Skeard tells us what to expect.


Episode 80: The Points System on Trial

During the Abbott case, expected to be heard early next year, the federal court will determine whether the points system used to decide Qalipu membership was legal.


Episode 79: Getting Past the Drew Decision

This week, we speak with Chief Misel Joe and historian William Wicken about how Qalipu members can gain hunting and fishing rights. This  requires getting around the Drew decision, which found that ancestors of the Mi'kmaq in Miawpukek arrived on the south coast with the Europeans. According to the government, this means Qalipu members have no Aboriginal or treaty rights.