Episode 116: Toward a More Transparent Search for New Regional Chief

Chief PJ Prosper of the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq Chiefs hopes there will be a better process for choosing Morley Googoo's replacement. 

And later in the show,  we check-in with Cheryl Maloney about going public with her harassment and bullying complaint against Googoo, and how she feels now that he has been removed from office.


Episode 115: Die-Off Disaster

Who knew what, and when? 

This week, we speak to NDP Fisheries critic Jim Dinn who says that rather than personally attacking those raising questions about the salmon die-off, Fisheries Minister Gerry Byrne should appoint a legitimate, independent inquiry into what is turning out to be an environmental and economic disaster.


Episode 114: Mi'kmaq Burials

Upon her death, Corner Brook resident Dee Dee Starling wants to be buried in a section of Mount Patricia cemetery reserved for Mi'kmaq people. In recent weeks, talks have started between Qalipu First Nation and the cemetery to make that a reality. 

This week, we hear from Starling and Lloyd Walters, chair of the Mount Patricia board of directors, about what it will take to honour Mi'kmaq wishes to be buried in a traditional way.


Episode 113: How Did Morley Googoo Remain Regional Chief?

Cheryl Maloney's allegations of harassment led to the suspension of the Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief Morley Googoo.

Now, the former President of the Nova Scotia Native Women's Association says people are afraid to speak out against Googoo for fear of losing jobs, funding and services because the chiefs of the 13 First Nations in Nova Scotia dominate every Indigenous organization in the province.


Episode 112: Nalcor Energy's Blueberry Blunder

The hydro company recently sprayed a power line right of way with three kinds of herbicide, just as people from across southwestern Newfoundland headed to the area to pick blueberries, as they have for decades.

Norm Strickland Sr. of Burgeo, one of the first to discover that the area had been sprayed, tells us about how it has been fairing since.